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Bubble Cub is a Florida based company that provides Kid’s GPS Watches, Tracking, and Smart Technology for kids. Our mission is to make GPS Tracking Devices available to all families.

At Bubble Cub, we have devoted many hours to researching, testing and curating kids GPS Tracking solutions. We personally test every device that we list on our website, so you can find the right GPS Tracking Watch for your child. Our aim is to figure out which products work, how well they work, and whether or not they’re worth your money. Only the best products make it to our web-store.

Bubble Cub is one of the the USA’s leading Kid’s GPS Tracking Watch suppliers. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

What our Happy Clients Say

I bought blue color my my 3 year old daughter because I have a Apple Watch that made her want a watch so bad. I was unsure whether she would be able to use this ... she's fine with an iPad, but this seemed more complex, with the camera and features that go beyond simple apps. She had it completely figured out within 3 days! She loves it and she wear it all time, fortunately it is water resistant.The watch is fantastic, and the apps features are good. I'm very happy with this. Thinking about getting this for my brother’s kid’s as Christmas gift!
Carrie Davis
Carrie DavisCustomer
I am so happy I purchased this watch for my 5 year old daughter. She loves it and first couple days she even went to bed with it. It looks great, the band is very flexible and even fits the smallest hands comfortably. It requires a sim which I added to my Verizon plan for about 5$ per month. I can call my daughter and track her on the GPS. We have not used the texting features since she is too young but I have a feeling that we will be using the watch for a couple years at least (and it looks like it will last since it's very durable).
Louise Phillips
Louise PhillipsCustomer
This is a great stylish basic smartwatch. Most kids watches are corny & he hates them. We purchased it for our 8 year old son. The GPS is accurate. It saves 10 #'s in the phone book and those 10 #'s can contact the watch. I like it because he runs around with his friends and I can see where he is and he can tell us where he's going (although GPS shows us that). It works great!
Lucy Prince
Lucy PrinceCustomer