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  • Colorful Kids Smart Watch with SOS Call Feature

    If you are trying to ensure your child’s safety when he’s outside, you have to buy this Kids Smart Watch as soon as possible. This product allows you to insert a sim card so you can call your child anytime. It can also entertain your child if he is feeling lonely. It offers a two-way […]

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  • FA23 Smart Baby Watch IP67 Waterproof Children

    If you’re looking for a versatile watch for your child, you should consider the FA23 Smart Baby Watch IP67 Waterproof Children. This watch is available in different colors, which include the color combinations red and black, red and white, and blue and white. The IPS touch screen measures 1.3 inches, and it features a magnetic […]

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  • LEMFO LEC2 Smart Watch (English Version)

    The LEMFO LEC2 Smart Watch is a stylish and essential piece of accessory that your kid will love. You will also find this smartwatch useful since it can determine the location of your child, count the steps and distance he traveled, and send voice and text messages. You have to insert a sim card on […]

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  • Q360 Kids Smart Watch with Camera and Tracker

    If you want to locate the accurate position of your child remotely, this Q360 Kids Smart Watch is the perfect gift that you should buy for your child. It has GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS technology so you can check your child anytime, anywhere. This smartwatch will leave you and your child entertained since it can […]

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  • SK07 Anti Lost Child Watch with GPS Tracker

    Looking for a stylish and useful watch has never been so easy. Fortunately, this SK07 Anti Lost Child Watch is finally out in the market. This fantastic smartwatch will help you track your child’s activities and location throughout the day. It features a high-precision positioning using GPS. It also offers an SOS button so your […]

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