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  • Greentiger TD07S Smart Kids Watch

    The Greentiger TD07S Smart Kids Watch is the most suggested smartwatch for kids because it features a heALTh pedometer. It can record your child’s daily activities, making him or her heALThier. It uses a battery with a capacity of 600 mAh, and it comes with a 1.4-inch colored touch screen. It also has a SIM […]

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  • IP68 Waterproof Smart GPS Watch for Kids

    The new waterproof IP68 smart GPS watch for kids features a 0.3 MP camera, digital clock display, and a built-in long-lasting lithium battery. What makes this one of the best smartwatches for kids is its two-way call and chat function, which allows you to contact your child directly and in real-time. For added security, the […]

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  • KG10 Kids Smart Watch Game

    One of the best smartwatches for kids is the KG10 Kids Smart Watch Game. This watch comes with a built-in camera that your kid will love. The strap comes from a premium-quality of food-grade silicone, while the cover uses an ABS+PC plastic material. It’s available in blue, pink, and yellow colors. You can also set […]

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  • LEMFO LEC2 Smart Watch (English Version)

    The LEMFO LEC2 Smart Watch is a stylish and essential piece of accessory that your kid will love. You will also find this smartwatch useful since it can determine the location of your child, count the steps and distance he traveled, and send voice and text messages. You have to insert a sim card on […]

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  • Original Q50 GPS Child Watch That Revolutionized Smart Watches

    The Q50 smartwatch for kids of Michael Technology that is available in many colors comes in a box designed with cartoon characters. When opened, the flexible silicone band comes into view. To insert the SIM card, the adult should make use of a given screwdriver to remove the four screws in the corners. Afterward, the […]

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